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High-Accuracy Correction Service at Work on Alabama Farms

How we helped improve a corn farmer’s bottom line
A corn and soy farmer in Alabama tells us how Trimble CenterPoint RTX provided him with inch-level precision agriculture, which helped him work faster and more efficiently.

Mike Lawrence farms 1,800 acres of corn and soybeans along the Black Warrior River, outside Greensboro, Alabama. Because of the farm’s relatively isolated setting, GNSS correction services options are limited. The previous owner had built a base station that Lawrence considered for use in constructing his own RTK network, but the hassle of setting up and operating it seemed formidable. He had a WAAS system for the first year, but it would be off 20 to 30 inches at a time.


During a 2014 visit to H&R Agri-Power, his Trimble dealer in Columbus, Mississippi, Lawrence shared his interest in finding a reliable correction service. After learning that Trimble CenterPoint RTX delivers high-accuracy satellite correction services directly to an in-cab receiver without the need for a base station, Lawrence was sold.

“RTX has worked so well for me. I can’t imagine farming without it.”


Since installing the correction service in 2014, Lawrence has used CenterPoint RTX in a variety of field applications, using it every time he’s in the field for planting, harvesting and taking measurements for flood irrigation. His accuracy level is almost always better than an inch-and-a-half, initialization time is minimal, and can complete fieldwork faster and more efficiently.

About Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Built on Trimble’s exclusive RTX technology, Trimble CenterPoint RTX provides high-accuracy GPS positioning services via satellite or cellular delivery worldwide. It’s ideal for jobs requiring high accuracy in remote locations.

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