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Accuracy and Efficiency in Remote Locations

How we helped Fyfe survey in tough terrain.
An Australian surveying firm shows how Trimble positioning services helped their geospatial professionals quickly achieve centimeter precision with a simple, one-person, one-receiver operation in remote locations.

Surveyors using GNSS in South Australia face challenging conditions, working across vast terrain without the investment or population distribution to support a statewide real-time network. As a result, surveyors in outlying areas must rely on static techniques to establish local control. They can then use single-base RTK for specific project operations, while multiple RTK bases are often needed to produce adequate coverage and accuracy. The static plus RTK method provides good results, but covering large regions adds significant time and cost to any project.


Trimble CenterPoint RTX Positioning Services with Trimble R10 GNSS receivers were used for remote surveying of cadastral applications. Surveyors collected more than 90 real-time measurements and found more than 30 percent of the real-time measurements agreed to within 2 centimeters of the static observations and 73 percent within 5 centimeters. The typical time to initialize (or converge) the CenterPoint RTX solution was 10 to 15 minutes, which was reduced to less than five minutes with the Quick Start method.

“CenterPoint RTX is a good tool in areas where control is sparse and there are no real-time networks. It produces accuracies that otherwise would be very expensive to achieve.”
JOE D’ALOIA, Survey Manager, Fyfe Pty Ltd.


By eliminating the need to establish control and manage RTK base stations, the CenterPoint RTX solution produces significant time and cost savings. The ability to provide real-time positions quickly with accuracy of a few centimeters gives Fyfe an advantage over competitors using conventional RTK surveying.

About Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Built on Trimble’s exclusive RTX technology, Trimble CenterPoint RTX provides high-accuracy GPS positioning services via satellite or cellular delivery worldwide. It’s ideal for jobs requiring high accuracy in remote locations.

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