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Pipeline Mapping in Central Argentina

Trimble technology produces cost savings and high accuracy results
Precise point positioning adds efficiency and precision to a 1500-km pipeline project

A mapping project in central Argentina required a topographic mapping and support system for more than 1500 km of pipeline alignment. By using Trimble CenterPoint RTX positioning service, topographic surveying company Del Bianco increased productivity in the field and cut operational costs while ensuring consistent high precision, even in remote areas where RTK or VRS are not feasible.

  • Trimble® CenterPoint® RTX Positioning Service
  • Spectra Precision SP60 GNSS receiver
  • Spectra Precision T41 Data Collector

“Trimble CenterPoint RTX positioning service enables Del Bianco to be more productive in the field and reduce operating costs, while guaranteeing unparalleled precision, even in remote areas” Omar Serantes, Director at Del Bianco Associates.

The client required accuracy of 30 cm or better for x, y and z coordinates of the trunk lines. The project deliverables were topographic maps in georeferenced AutoCAD format. The field work was done at an average of 580 meters above sea level, with a deviation of 250 meters above or below this value. The actual pipeline routes often passed through agricultural fields. Under these circumstances using CenterPoint RTX,

Del Bianco was able to meet nominal accuracy values of 2 cm for horizontal measurements and 5 cm for elevation measurements. “The accuracies achieved using CenterPoint RTX are perfect for our topographic surveying work,” says Del Bianco Director Omar Serantes.

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