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Precise Positioning Provides “Superpower” Efficiency and Accuracy in Agricultural Research

A Trimble solution provides dependable precision and simple workflows to support aerial imaging and analysis
Modern field research trials use GNSS positioning for accurate assessment of plant health and performance

As part of the effort to maintain and increase the world’s food supply, agrochemical companies conduct ongoing research to develop and improve their products. An essential task is measuring the performance of crops treated with new additives. Once performed by technicians in the field examining individual plants, crop assessment can now be achieved via uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAV). By using precise GNSS, researchers ensure high accuracy and productivity in collecting and processing the aerial data.

  • Trimble® CenterPoint® RTX Correction Service
  • Trimble R2 GNSS Receiver
  • Trimble TSC3 Controller
  • Trimble Access™ Software

“We use the Trimble R2 with CenterPoint RTX. It does a great job for us for being able to quickly measure the coordinates of our ground control points.” — Taylor Glenn, Ph.D., President, Precision Silver

Precision Silver is a Florida-based start-up company providing specialized services for the agriculture industry. Focused on automated ratings for agricultural research, the company provides plot- and plant-level assessments on test sites scattered across North America. Their clients include some of the world’s largest agrochemical companies.

According to Precision Silver President Taylor Glenn, typical test sites (or “blocks”) comprise multiple trial plots that are treated with differing levels of additives. Each plot is rated multiple times during a test period to quantify the additives’ effects. Glenn said this work is often done manually using measuring sticks and clipboards. The tedious work requires skilled scientists to spend hours in the field collecting data; time that could be better spent on analysis and interpretation.

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Fyfe Pty. Ltd.

An Australian surveying company uses Trimble RTX to get centimeter accuracy when work takes them to the most remote locations.

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Slovak and Italian geophysicists use Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service to monitor the movement of magma in Mount Etna.

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