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Accurate application delivers precision fertilization

Canadian land application company contributes to their clients better crop growth
With the precise guidance of Trimble’s CenterPoint RTX correction service, farmers enjoy better yields from fields that have been well fertilized.

Spending the days spreading various waste products up and down the rows of crop fields, the team at Assiniboine Injections relies on the accuracy delivered by Trimble’s CenterPoint® RTX correction service to obtain precise coverage. This wasn’t the case four years ago.

When it came time to invest in a new Xerion tractor in 2016, Assiniboine made the decision to install a Trimble TMX-2050TM display combined with a subscription to Trimble’s satellite-delivered CenterPoint RTX correction service. The CenterPoint RTX service automatically delivers corrections via satellite and within minutes provides repeatable passes to within 1 inch (2.5 cm) year over year.


When considering the addition of this level of precision to its operations, Assiniboine spoke with Vantage Canada, a Trimble precision agriculture reseller. Already a Trimble enthusiast, enjoying their userfriendly products and features on several of their tractors, it was an easy decision for Assiniboine to make.

TMX-2050’s easy-to-use display system featuring a large high-definition touch screen and several features that support precision agriculture were a perfect fit with the addition of CenterPoint RTX service. And, just like that, Assiniboine found a solution that made a big impact on their business.

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