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Taking the wait time out of precision farming

Kentucky row crop farmer eliminates downtime and expands coverage areas
After the switch, Brandon was able to farm more acreage and have more crop coverage, while also worrying less about downtime.

Row crop farmer Brandon Hunt farms 10,000 acres of corn, wheat and soybean in Southwestern Kentucky. He had years of use out of his RTK system (or base station), but recently, he’s noticed the service would go out at certain points during his operations, especially under trees or in bad weather conditions. When RTK base station issues cropped up, they could be stuck for hours or even days without the ability to do their work.

Upon meeting with H&R Agri-Power, serving Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee, he made the switch to Trimble’s CenterPoint® RTX satellite delivered correction service given the technology’s benefits to farmers in remote locations. Running Trimble’s TMX-2050 True Tracker implement guidance with active steerable hitches and CenterPoint RTX, Brandon was able to repeatedly position implements to within 1” every time he entered the field. Because of the year-over-year repeatability of this system, they were also able to use implement guidance on the cover crop seeder to plant cover crops in the middle of where the strip would be.

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Fyfe Pty. Ltd.

An Australian surveying company uses Trimble RTX to get centimeter accuracy when work takes them to the most remote locations.

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Slovak and Italian geophysicists use Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service to monitor the movement of magma in Mount Etna.

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