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Eliminating the stresses of farming through year-over-year accuracy

Illinois row crop farmer implements Trimble CenterPoint RTX

Dave Gillen is a corn and soybean grower in Western Illinois, farming 1,500 acres south of the Quad Cities with his brother Ray. After starting with WAAS and upgrading to OmniSTAR correction services through a trade-in program, Dave was excited to see the added benefits, but realized he still wasn’t getting the accuracy he desired. He wanted assurance he could prevent his tires from running over last year’s rows while also being able to offset his tires to clear and plant no-till beans to the side of the previous year’s corn rows, which he could only get with an even more accurate correction service.


When deciding what correction service to try next, Dave consulted with his dealer, Painter Farm Equipment in Monmouth, Ill. Based on his previous GNSS corrections experience and reviewing the options that he hadn’t yet tried, he decided consistent signal availability and year-to-year accuracy were the most important things for him when interchanging between no-till bean and corn and while shifting rows. With this in mind, he decided on Trimble CenterPoint RTX as the most economical and reliable option to do what he needed in his fields.


Dave has now been using CenterPoint RTX for five years. During this time, he’s noticed that the year-over-year accuracy is consistently spot on – when he sets his guidance to the same pattern as last year, the accuracy doesn’t move or creep at all. In addition, the year-over-year accuracy and day-in-day-out reduction in driver fatigue has been an unforeseen benefit for him. When he’s spraying, planting or running the combine, CenterPoint RTX allows him to focus on other aspects of the machine. He simply turns on the CFX-750 operating with CenterPoint RTX correction services and has the confidence in the system driving the row so he can turn around to check the implement and its operation, including grain samples coming in the combine as needed, and even to turn the seat completely to see if all the spray nozzles are working. He doesn’t think twice about the corrections doing their job placing the tires, seeds and materials exactly where they need to go.

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