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Norwegian Survey Firm Puts Trimble’s Game Changing VRS Now Network to Work
It takes less than three minutes to go from the car to a fixed position that’s ready to stake

With 35 years of experience surveying on construction, mine and transportation job sites across Norway, Hvalstad-based Asker Oppmåling was looking for more visibility into user activity in order to help improve workflow and efficiency for its team. Given Asker Oppmåling’s scope, it was also important to maintain reliable GNSS positioning within a range of settings, including everything from urban cityscapes to rural areas with dense vegetation.

Presented with these requests, Trimble dealer Norgeodesi recommended a Trimble VRS Now (TVN) subscription. This subscription offered the high level of real-time kinematic (RTK) precision they were accustomed to, but added a major benefit – personalized customer service and support. Norgeodesi and Trimble became a partner with Asker Oppmåling, going above and beyond the typical corrections service provider.

“We began using VRS Now in January 2021 and it has delivered significant value to each and every project, said Myhre. The time savings and ability to access a full overview of our VRS systems in the field has been a complete game changer” —- Magnus Myhre, General Manager of Asker Oppmåling

Trimble VRS Now offers near instant access to centimeter-level positioning tailored to the users’ geographic location. In addition, the service is available around the clock within the network coverage area. With no base station or setup required, it is cost-effective, efficient and simple to use. Removing the need for line-of-sight or radio connectivity makes it easier and safer to collect data in locations that are hard to reach, unstable or with limited radio connectivity – a scenario Asker Oppmåling often encounters.

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