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Maintaining Precise Positioning and Saving Time on Remote Pipeline Projects

A positioning service energizes large pipeline surveying projects and becomes a field crew favorite.
Pipeline Construction

For projects spanning large areas, a Michigan–based engineering and construction firm discovered satellite-delivered corrections could solve the challenge of high– precision global navigation satellite system (GNSS) reliability in remote areas. Atwell, LLC, is a national consulting, engineering, and construction services firm with 33 offices throughout the country and more than 1,000 team members.

The company delivers a broad range of strategic and creative solutions to clients in three core markets: oil and gas, power and energy, and real estate and land development. Atwell provides comprehensive turnkey services, including land and right of way support, engineering, land surveying, environmental compliance and permitting, and project and program management.

“Trimble RTX completely freed us from the time and hassle of base setups” — Jason Jung, 3D Laser Scanning Project Manager, Atwell

Atwell’s crews use Trimble R10 GNSS receivers and Trimble Access field software running on Trimble TSC7 controllers, but Jung notes that they have recently upgraded to some Trimble R12i GNSS receivers, “and they are already earning their keep.” He expects to realize even more benefits from CenterPoint RTX coupled with the advanced multiconstellation capabilities of the Trimble ProPoint™ positioning engine in the R12i.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX has not only become a crew favorite, but it is also fast becoming a go-to solution for many Atwell projects. “The speed at which our crews can get up and running with RTX is awesome,” concluded Jung..

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Fyfe Pty. Ltd.

An Australian surveying company uses Trimble RTX to get centimeter accuracy when work takes them to the most remote locations.

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Slovak and Italian geophysicists use Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service to monitor the movement of magma in Mount Etna.

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