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A forced upgrade leads to improved service and reliability

Wisconsin potato farmer implements precision farming

Mike Wolter is a potato farmer in Antigo, Wisconsin, farming 1,500 acres for over 30 years. He knows with a high-value crop like potatoes, accuracy and performance are critical. After 15 years of relying on the same accuracy equipment, Wolter’s system was no longer supported and he was faced with making a decision about a new precision farming system.


Wolter was frustrated to be in a position where his current system was no longer supported. Subsequently, he was faced with making a decision about a new precision farming system. Wolter began researching Trimble, and was impressed with the quality of the products and the competency of the customer support. Utilizing the Trimble GFX-750™ display, operating with the CenterPoint RTX correction service and Trimble Field-IQ™ precision ag system, gives Wolter the ability to tackle a range of farming applications every season, across his equipment pool.


Wolter continues to rely on CenterPoint RTX and its ability to deliver on repeatable accuracy to within an inch in the same rows, whether running a 3 week, 3 month or 3 year cycle. Wolter recently invested in a second tractor with the same Trimble precision ag solution, including CenterPoint RTX correction service. Employing the system across his equipment has given Wolter the peace of mind he needs to confidently pass his knowledge to the next generation.

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