Trimble Positioning Services

From getting surveyors on-point, to keeping agricultural tractors on a straight line, to letting passenger cars know exactly where they are on the road, Trimble positioning solutions are helping transform how the world works.

Pioneering Technology

We invented VRS technology, which has now become the gold standard for high accuracy GNSS positioning.

Global Reach

We revolutionized PPP corrections by creating RTX technology to deliver precise, fast satellite positioning services around the globe.

Working for Everyone

Surveyors, farmers, mapping specialists, drivers and more use Trimble positioning services to tell them precisely where they are, and where they're going.

Accelerating Vehicle Autonomy

Trimble RTX technology is helping transform how the world drives

Positioning is in our DNA

We are a GPS/GNSS company offering positioning solutions worldwide. We've been the first in dozens of leading-edge technology breakthroughs and a market leader in high-accuracy positioning.

Our Advanced Positioning Team

Our team of over 250 strong continues to innovate and improve accuracy, reliability, support and service for our products worldwide.

Trimble is Constantly Innovating

Issued over 1,100 patents for GPS advances. Our global reach and influence includes 36 research and development centers in 11 countries.

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