straight crop lines in a field in Kentucky

Taking the wait time out of precision farming

Row crop farmer Brandon Hunt farms 10,000 acres of corn, wheat and soybean in Southwestern Kentucky. He had years of use out of his RTK system (or base station), but recently, he’s noticed the service would go out at certain points during his operations, especially under trees or in bad weather conditions. When RTK base station issues cropped up, they could be stuck for hours or even days without the ability to do their work.

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Receiving a reliable corrections signal across the farm

Fred and Leroy Hofmann grow corn throughout the South Central region of Nebraska. Fred and Leroy originally chose an RTK base station to power their precision agriculture equipment, but often had issues receiving corrections due to foliage around the property. In order to obtain the RTK signal needed to reach every vehicle on every part …

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Simplifying the precision process without sacrificing accuracy

Kernel is the world’s leading and the largest in Ukraine producer and exporter of sunflower oil, and major supplier of agricultural products from the Black Sea region to world markets, including corn, sunflower, soybeans and winter wheat. The company exports its products to more than 80 countries and requires near exact precision to ensure yields …

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Photo of Anthony Brennan, an Australian farmer

Making the Switch to RTX, and Switching Back

A wheat, chickpea, sorghum and cotton farmer from Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia, has faced many challenges over several years including extreme long-term weather patterns of drought, flooding and wildfires. And, most recently, the pandemic disrupting the supply chain. Another notable challenge: managing the correction services budget during financially challenging times.   Weighing the Benefits …

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tractor pulling a red trailer through a field

Accurate application delivers precision fertilization

Spending the days spreading various waste products up and down the rows of crop fields, the team at Assiniboine Injections relies on the accuracy delivered by Trimble’s CenterPoint® RTX correction service to obtain precise coverage. This wasn’t the case four years ago. When it came time to invest in a new Xerion tractor in 2016, Assiniboine made the decision to install a Trimble TMX-2050TM display combined with a subscription to Trimble’s satellite-delivered CenterPoint RTX correction service. The CenterPoint RTX service automatically delivers corrections via satellite and within minutes provides repeatable passes to within 1 inch (2.5 cm) year over year.

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tractor pulling a sprayer through a field

Controlling Snow Pack Through Controlled Traffic

Managing more than 20 fields varying in size from 12 to 320 acres, Montana wheat farmer Pete Verploegen was looking for a more field‑friendly approach to spraying his fields. He began using a Trimble CFX-750™ GNSS receiver and display with Trimble CenterPoint® RTX correction service.

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surveyor with survey tower and drone

Precise Positioning Provides “Superpower” Efficiency and Accuracy in Agricultural Research

As part of the effort to maintain and increase the world’s food supply, agrochemical companies conduct ongoing research to develop and improve their products. An essential task is measuring the performance of crops treated with new additives. Once performed by technicians in the field examining individual plants, crop assessment can now be achieved via uncrewed …

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Photo of South African farmer, Tyson Zunkel

Improving productivity on a no-till farm with Trimble RTX positioning services

Although the Zunckels had successfully farmed using no-till practices for many years, performing field operations without a high-accuracy GNSS solution impacted their potential yields. Tyson Zunckel began searching for a GNSS correction service to increase the accuracy of their precision agriculture guidance equipment about nine years ago. He ruled out the option of building an …

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Farmer standing by two tractors

High-Accuracy Correction Service at Work on Alabama Farms

Mike Lawrence farms 1,800 acres of corn and soybeans along the Black Warrior River, outside Greensboro, Alabama. Because of the farm’s relatively isolated setting, GNSS correction services options are limited. The previous owner had built a base station that Lawrence considered for use in constructing his own RTK network, but the hassle of setting up …

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