Mapping & GIS

More Visibility Into User Activity

With 35 years of experience surveying on construction, mine and transportation job sites across Norway, Hvalstad-based Asker Oppmåling was looking for more visibility into user activity in order to help improve workflow and efficiency for its team. Given Asker Oppmåling’s scope, it was also important to maintain reliable GNSS positioning within a range of settings, …

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surveyors in the jungle

Bringing Water to Curingue

High in the Andes mountains of Ecuador, the village of Curingue is home to roughly 200 residents. Curingue has no centralized water supply system and the lack of reliable water means villagers face hardship and increased risk of health issues. In 2018, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) began work to install infrastructure that could deliver water …

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laying lines along a road

Pipeline Mapping in Central Argentina

A mapping project in central Argentina required a topographic mapping and support system for more than 1500 km of pipeline alignment. By using Trimble CenterPoint RTX positioning service, topographic surveying company Del Bianco increased productivity in the field and cut operational costs while ensuring consistent high precision, even in remote areas where RTK or VRS …

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closeup of two penguins

Protecting the Endangered Birds of Gough Island

British teams are working to preserve populations of native birds on an isolated island. They collect precise GNSS data that will help scientists develop systems to help protect the nest of these beautiful birds from invasive rodents Houston would support the RSPB efforts by gathering topographic and geotechnical information, including mapping with GNSS. The work …

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