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Global coverage maps

From inventing VRS technology to revolutionizing Precise Point Positioning through the creation of Trimble RTX® solution, we transform the way the world works, connecting the data you need with the tools you use. We've got you covered!

Interactive Maps

Choose the industry that matches your needs, double-click anywhere to set your location and use the checkboxes in the legend to toggle coverage layers.
coverage maps - broadcast frequency map image
Ionosphere total electron content (TEC) map

Understand where potential GNSS signal interference may be more prevalent.

Fact 1

TEC is the number of free electrons between two points, such as the receiver and satellite.

Fact 2

Affected by solar activity, the more TEC, the longer the period of GNSS interference.

Ionosphere scintillation map

Identify where atmospheric irregularities are strongest and interfering with GNSS signal delivery.

Fact 1

Space weather, such as sunspots, cause distortions in the Earth's upper atmosphere.

Fact 2

These fluctuations can result in GNSS signal errors.