Precise Positioning for Marine

Trimble provides reliable, high-accuracy GNSS corrections for coastal and off-shore survey and construction work. Trimble RTX corrections give you the accuracy you need with trusted reliability, every time.

Coastal and Offshore Coverage

Please contact our sales team for information on coastal and offshore RTX coverage areas.

Global Coverage

Satellite or Internet delivered corrections available anywhere in the world

Trimble’s trusted service

CenterPoint RTX service has now been expanded to provide two centimeter accuracy up to 100 nautical miles from shore.

Reliable Uptime

The RTX service is monitored 24/7/365 by our dedicated network operations team ensuring you can work without interruption

Hassle Free

Don’t worry about maintaining or moving a base station or the added personnel they require. RTX is always on.

Offshore Applications for Trimble RTX

Trimble RTX services support a wide range of marine applications, including: dredging, port operation, oil & gas exploration, offshore supply & construction vessels, pipe & cable lay activities, FPSO installation & monitoring, hydrographic surveys, and seismic surveys.


Trimble RTX Coastal service tailored for dredging and coastal construction works.

Oil and Gas Exploration

Trimble RTX a fundamental service for your surveys, engineering operations and offshore exploration.