Precise Point Positioning - Real-time GNSS Correction Service for Marine

Trimble provides reliable, high-accuracy GNSS corrections for coastal and off-shore survey and construction work. Trimble RTX corrections give you the accuracy you need with trusted reliability, every time.

Coastal and Offshore Coverage

Please contact our sales team for information on coastal and offshore RTX coverage areas.

High accuracy

Centimeter-level accuracy delivered in real-time and setting up new market-leading Precise Point Positioning corrections standards for the maritime industry.

Improved efficiency

Delivered via Satellite or the Internet, and with a global coverage area to simplify your workflow, enable true mobility, lower your operating cost and accelerate your operations.

Reliable uptime

Trimble RTX service is built on a fully redundant network and utilizes full constellations to ensure your productivity and to maximize your uptime. Monitored around the clock by dedicated network operators and IT engineers.

Trimble solution

Designed to work seamlessly with Trimble hardware and software to boost your productivity, simplify your purchase decisions and reduce complexity in acquiring the required technology. One supplier, one technology - One Trimble.

Offshore Applications for Trimble RTX

Trimble RTX services support a wide range of marine applications, including coastal construction, hydraulic dredging, hydrographic surveying, seafloor mapping, marine navigation, oil and gas exploration, offshore supply & construction vessels, drilling, cabling, FPSO installation, monitoring and seismic surveys and more.