Who We Are

From getting surveyors on-point, to keeping agricultural tractors on a straight line, to letting passenger cars know exactly where they are on the road, Trimble positioning solutions are helping transform how the world works. Offering a wide range of easy-to-use GNSS correction services that anyone can use, Trimble provides a variety of delivery methods and performance capabilities to suit any accuracy requirement, budget threshold or work environment.

Our flagship service, Trimble RTX technology utilizes data from a global reference station network to compute high-accuracy positions based on satellite orbit and clock information. Trimble RTX supports a suite of real-time correction services delivering a range of accuracies from better than two centimeter to sub-meter performance in as fast as one minute. Trimble RTX-based positioning services are available via convenient, easy to access satellite delivery or via IP/cellular communication, providing users with flexible options to obtain high-accuracy positions in nearly any work environment.

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