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Trimble RTX Satellite

Broadcast Frequency Coverage Map

Trimble RTX® Beam Updates: Transition Start Date: Aug 1st, 2022 - Transition End Date: Oct 3rd, 2022. Ensure your receiver is configured to the most current frequency and baud rate for optimal satellite tracking and performance. More info.

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Ionosphere Total Electron Content (TEC) Map

Understand where potential GNSS signal interference may be more prevalent.

Fact 1

TEC is the number of free electrons between two points, such as the receiver and satellite.

Fact 2

Affected by solar activity, the more TEC, the longer the period of GNSS interference.

Ionosphere Scintillation Map

Identify where atmospheric irregularities are strongest and interfering with GNSS signal delivery.

Fact 1

Space weather, such as sunspots, cause distortions in the Earth's upper atmosphere.

Fact 2

These fluctuations can result in GNSS signal errors.