Latin American customers require a frequency change only; a firmware update is not required at this time. Review the instructions at the bottom of this page for instructions on frequency configuration for your receiver. The new frequency is 1546.24 MHz with a baud rate of 1200 bps; please ensure that this configuration update is completed before December 30, 2020.

More information can be found on the Latin America frequency change page, here

We need you to update your RTX firmware and frequency settings

We’re updating Trimble RTX™ real-time correction streams to AES Encryption and changing to new satellite beams to provide you with the most advanced technology available, ensuring network coverage expansion for years to come.

This change means you must update firmware and configure all Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill® compatible devices (including VRS and RTK customers for xFill) to continue using Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill positioning services.

It is integral that your firmware is updated as soon as possible and that your devices are configured when the new beam frequencies are available. We will send out a Support Bulletin with the frequencies for the new beams when they are turned on.

These changes will provide you with additional data security, technology enhancements, and greater access to Trimble’s ever-expanding CenterPoint® RTX Fast network, with increased reliability and access to faster convergence times in more areas.

Read on for more information about when you need to take action, and how to do it.

When do you need to make your updates?

Please pay close attention to the following beam turn-off and turn-on dates in your region. Your firmware must be updated and devices configured before the relevant turn-off date.

Region Name Frequency (MHz) Baud rate (bps) Required by
Europe, Middle East, Africa RTXEA 1545.4900 2400 July 1, 2019
USA, Canada RTXNA 1555.8080 2400 July 1, 2019

How do you configure your device without losing signal?

1. Make sure your firmware is up-to-date. You can update your firmware at any time before switching to the new beam.

2. Manually configure your device before the turn-off date noted above. General configuration instructions: change the Trimble RTX satellite settings to Custom from the Trimble RTX settings (or xFill settings) location, and manually enter the frequency and baud rate for the new satellite beam.

For device/receiver-specific instructions, please review the “”impacted device and update instructions”” located below.

Note: Future receiver software updates will have the updated frequency and baud rates included in the automatic RTX selection options. The custom entry of the new RTX Frequency & Baud rate is a temporary requirement.

Impacted devices and update instructions

All Trimble RTX and Trimble xFill compatible devices are affected by this change. A complete list of devices and instructions for the firmware updates and device configurations that you must complete are listed below.

Please note, customers that are using Trimble RTX corrections via IP are not required to do anything to continue using Trimble RTX.

Find your device and click for more firmware upgrade information

Your device Required Firmware
Trimble AP15 AV V6
Trimble AP20 AV V6
Trimble AP40 AV V6
Trimble AP50 AV V6
Trimble AP60 AV V6
Applanix POS AV V6 (all models)
Trimble AP LV V5 (all models) POS FW: 9.40 GNSS FW: 5.33
Applanix POS LV V5 (all models) POS FW: 9.40 GNSS FW: 5.33
Applanix POS LV 120 and 125
Trimble NetR9 5.20
Trimble Alloy 5.33
Trimble R4s 3.33
Trimble SPS785 3.36
Trimble SPS986 5.33
Trimble SPS985 5.20
Trimble SPS985L 5.20
Trimble SPS855 5.20
Trimble SPS585 5.20
Trimble MPS865 3.80
Trimble MS955 5.21
Trimble MS975 5.21
Trimble MS995 5.21
Trimble BD982 / BX982 5.21
Trimble BD930 5.21
Trimble BD935-INS 5.21
Trimble BD940 5.30
Trimble BD940 / BX940 5.30
Trimble BD940-INS 5.30
Trimble AX940 / AX940i 5.50
Trimble BD990 5.30
Trimble BD992 5.30
Trimble BD992-INS 5.30
Trimble MB-Two 3.40
Trimble NAV-900 / GFX-750 or GFX-350 1.01
Trimble NAV-500 / GFX-750 or GFX-350 1.5
Trimble TMX-2050 4.2.1
Trimble CFX-750 7.75
Trimble FmX 10.01
Trimble AG-372 8.20
CNH NAV-900 / XCN-1050 or XCN-350 1.01
CNH NAV-500 / XCN-1050 or XCN-350 1.5
CNH XCN-2050 4.2.1
CNH FM-750 7.75
CNH FM-1000 10.01
CNH AG-372, AFS 372, NH 372 8.20
AGCO AG-482 1.94
AGCO AG-382 8.10
Trimble R12i 5.48
Trimble R10-2 5.34
Trimble R12 5.43
Trimble R10 5.20
Trimble R9s 5.20
Trimble R2 5.20
Trimble NetR9 Geospatial 5.20
Trimble Geo 7X OS FW v6.7.18 (GNSS FW v4.50.3)
Trimble EM100 5.32
Trimble TDC-150 3.69
Trimble R1 5.41
Spectra Precision SP20 3.69
Spectra Precision SP90m 3.80
Spectra Precision SP60 3.30
Spectra Precision SP80 3.30